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As a preferred production partner of Guinness World Records, Energy X Productions was commissioned by Gildan to create the world’s largest T-Shirt. The shirt was to be revealed during the CMA Fest in Nashville Tennessee. Energy X executed the entire process from securing textiles and large scale manufacturing, to establishing the final reveal location and formulating a strategy for displaying the monstrous shirt. Energy X managed a team of over 100 staff and volunteers to work on the project, coordinated cranes and lift buckets for press and celebrity shoots, worked with local and national PR firms to publicize the project, and flawlessly executed the reveal. Upon completion Energy X worked with Gildan’s Charity to donate 12,000 t-shirts that were made from the disassembled shirt.


Gildan, CMA


Consulting, Creative Development, Creative Production, Staffing, Event Management, Sound, Lighting, Staging, Tents, Execution.

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